Monday, September 27, 2010

A Place In The Sun: Don't Sweat The Small Stuff!

While there is so much negativity in the world, there is far more positive energy out there for all of us to energy. When a negative person comes into your life, try to understand the situation and source the best that you can, and then move forward. Don't try to help a negative person who is only interested in their own doom and gloom, as if you invade too much into their situation, you'll soon find yourself on the doom and gloom side of things. It's an unhealthy place that you do not deserve to be in!

Most people who are negative are very lost souls, and they have no other emotion to share with the world, except their negative outlook on life. Some of these people have tried to succeed in so many ways, and have either failed or given up on themselves and that has led to their negative ways of thinking, and how they project their own morals and energy into and onto others. Who enjoys spending time with a negative person? NO ONE!

Being positive is our only way to succeed, both in life and as part of our spiritual journey. When we are positive, we allow so much extra sunshine into our soul, and it puts infinite blissful energies around our spirit and the spirits of others we come in contact with.

There comes a time in life when you just have to stop sweating the small stuff, and not worrying about what every single person thinks about you. As with being a part of any general society, people will either like you, love you or hate your guts, and their precise reasons for the emotions they feel about you may not be clear to you, or clear to them either for that matter.

I remember a long time ago, while I was still in my teenage years, when someone negatively criticized my work because they were more interested in hearing a fairytale reading opposed to the truthful reading I gave them. Naturally, I was upset as no one had ever approached me before in such a negative fashion. Thank heavens my Grandmother was there to help sort me out. I remember her telling me 'As you continue to set out on your spiritual journey, you cant get all wrapped up in what everyone thinks and take it to heart. Don't sweat the small stuff, that's all this is! Everyone's always going to have an opinion and people will criticize you especially when your doing well!'. Those words from my Grandmother removed all of the energy from this situation and healed me to continue my lifelong journey of helping others. Thanks to my Grandmother, I've learned that there will always be many personal challenges, but if you work hard and do right, you will always arrive and will always hit your mark. My Grandfather once told me 'The easiest way to fail is to attempt to please everybody'. Isn't that the truth! Though I always put forth my best efforts, occasionally my best isnt good enough for everyone, but I know I've done well and that's all that matters.

I attribute my Grandmother as one of my main sources of strength, and of course my Grandfather who is in the Spirit World now. Without them it would have been a very difficult process growing up with the gift and being unsure and confused until I understood everything that was needed in order to gain further strength, guidance and direction.

My Guides & Angels have always taught me to find my own special place of spirituality just for me. I found this place early on in my life and though it has been a challenge more than a few times during my life to keep myself in this place, it's a place I wouldnt leave for nothing or no one. It's a good place, a place of knowing, a place of acceptance and a place full of endless amounts of patience, courage and strength. A place of spiritual oneness where mistakes are alright and time is my friend. Since I found my own state of spiritual oneness, I'm able to communicate my work and visions with the world and hopefully inspire a few people along the way as that's what I constantly find myself hungry for and working towards.

I'll be taking some time off to spend with family, so this will likely be one of my last blogs until later next month.

On of my Grandfathers favorite quotes: 'Gossip is the smoke that comes from the dirty tobacco pipes of those who diffuse it; it proves nothing but the bad taste of the smoker.' -G. Eliot

Lots of Love, Light & Blessings, and thanks for reading!

Christopher Reburn

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