Thursday, August 7, 2014

A BOOK YOU JUST HAVE TO READ! 'Memoirs of a Hearing Impaired Ghost Researcher' by Susan Ray-Miranda

Dear Friends,

Every so often I read a book that really inspires me, that was the case with my friend Susan Ray-Miranda's first-ever book which was just released. It's called 'Huh? What? A Ghost? Where? Memoirs of a Hearing Impaired Ghost Researcher'. If you are a paranormal and spiritual enthusiast, you'll really love Susan's new book. I've read it front to back six times now and it truly is one of those special books that draws you in. Susan is incredibly special and the Spirits just ADORE her! You can get a copy of her new book on Amazon by visiting this link

While I would have loved to have had Susan as a featured guest on my wonderful radio show (Conversations with Christopher), we felt that under the circumstances a written interview would be best. I hope you enjoy the following interview I did with Susan, and that you are moved enough to invest your time in getting a copy of her book. Her book is both educational, exciting and inspirational. 

With Blessings, Peace & Love,

Christopher Reburn
Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, Lightworker

My interview with Susan
Christopher Reburn:
First, let me say what a privilege it was to do the foreword for your new book, Huh? What? A Ghost? Where? Memoirs of a Hearing Impaired Ghost Researcher. It is a truly fascinating book.
Susan Ray-Miranda: Thank you so much, Christopher!  It was such an honor to have you do the foreword for my book.   Writing the book  wasn’t easy for me.  Took 3 long years to complete the book.  It has always been difficult for me to put down in words what I have in mind.  I could not have done this without my husband, Richie’s and my daughter, Adriane’s love and loyal support, my niece, Becky for her wonderful editing and my beloved sister, Coke’s final and loving nudge. 

Christopher Reburn: What was your reason writing and publishing this book now?
Susan Ray-Miranda: I wanted to share my life experiences and let readers know that there truly is an Afterlife, that the Spirit World does exist and that ghosts, spirits, Light Beings, orbs are all around us 24/7.  It is okay to be skeptic….you just need to have an open mind.
You know, Christopher,  I have had people come up to me and tell me that they don’t believe in ghosts which is fine with me.  But, before they go any further, I will ask them 3 questions:  (1)  Do you believe in God?  Response:  “yes”;  (2)  Do you believe in Jesus Christ?  Response:  “yes”;  (3)  Do you believe in the Holy Ghost?  Response:  “yes”.  I would then look at them and replied “Well then, you DO believe in ghosts!”.  They would look at me with a puzzled look on their face and I would walk away shaking my head and chuckle at the irony of their responses.

CR: Was it hard for you on an emotional level to recount some of the harder details of your life, for example the bullying you endured and the loss of your sister?
SRM: Yes, it was but I have come to understand that it was my destiny to experience these life struggles, to learn from them, be a better person for it and to help me grow on my spiritual path.  It was this knowledge that gave me strength.  My sister’s death really hits home for my family because all of my other brothers and sister, including spouses and their children are still around as well as my parents who are in their late 80’s.  I do know in my heart and soul that my sister is around me and even helped me with my book.  She has already visited me in my dream, letting me know with a smile on her face that she’s happy and at peace now and watching over me and my family. 

CR: It sure feels like your sister helped you in putting the book together. Did you feel her around you alot during the process of writing the book?  It seems like she was an inspiration for you to write and finish the book.
SRM: Yes, I did and still do feel my sister’s spirit around me.  Right after she passed, I actually felt a powerful urge to finish my book.  I would work on my book for awhile, put it down for awhile, work on it again for awhile, then put it back down for awhile.  This would go on for 3 years until my sister passed when I got a feeling of “you really need to finish this book!”  I really believe that it was my sister giving me a final nudge.

CR: When did you discover your fascination with the paranormal?
SRM: I was very interested in ghosts, spirits and things that goes bump into the night since I was a small child.  I loved Casper the Friendly Ghost and especially his mischievious cousin, Spooky who I thought were real ghosts until my sister, Coke explained to me that they were just make-believe, like Santa Claus….I was such a young and na├»ve child with quite an imagination.  Obviously, it did not stop me from believing in real ghosts though.  My fascination with the paranormal became even more powerful when I visited the “Tunnel” during my surgery at the age of 6.

CR: Share with us what your first paranormal experience was like?
SRM: My first paranormal experience occurred at the Lamothe Hotel in New Orleans when the chandelier in Adriane’s bedroom started swinging back and forth while the other chandelier in the connecting bedroom remained still.  This was the day after Adriane and her friend, A.J. experienced the sensation of someone jumping on their beds for two nights.  Turned out that the suite was haunted!

CR: Would you share with us your scariest paranormal experience?
SRM: My scariest paranormal experience occurred at Brookdale Lodge during the night in May of 2001 when a ghost ran right through me during a dream.  It was the most startling and unpleasant feeling of being violated and actually knocked the breath out of me.  I can still remember the feeling to this day!  Ugh!

CR: Where do you long to go to paranormal investigate and research next?
SRM: There are so many places in the United States that I would like to investigate and research but I would especially love to visit England where ghosts are known to rampant in castles, pubs, etc.  I would even love to spend a few nights in a haunted castle and I heard that there are many that have been converted to bed and breakfast inns.  My husband and daughter have already told me that they will come with me to investigate, so I have to get busy saving money! 

CR: Is there a particular abandoned hospital or building that you want to go to?
SRM: Again, there are many that I would like to investigate.  I would like to check out the famed Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio which served  as the fictional Shawshank Prison of the movie “Shawshank Redemption” with Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins.  This reformatory is considered one of the most haunted places in the country.

CR: What do you want your readers to take away from reading this book?
SRM: I hope to leave the readers with more interest in things that goes bump in the night and things that cannot be explained away.  Hopefully, they will open their mind and check out their curiosities.

CR: This book is truly amazing on so many levels, and your connection to the Spirit World is incredibly strong and powerful in its own right. I have a funny feeling that this first book is the first of many to come.  Do you care to tease us with some information about your next book?
SRM: If I do write another book, most likely it will be a journal of my future paranormal experiences.   Who knows?  As the saying goes “Never say Never!” 

CR: Thank you Susan for a wonderful book and I just know that it's already helped so many people. Thank you for being you. You are incredibly special to all of us.
SRM: Thank you for the kind words and for giving me the opportunity to share my stories and events.  I would also like to thank the readers showing interest in my true-life stories and purchasing my book.  I love you all with much hugs and God Bless!