Saturday, June 25, 2011

Have You Meditated Lately?

You've likely heard me say the 'M' word, better known as meditation, numerous times on Conversations with Christopher and the reason why I am such a meditation advocate is I know first hand how very important meditation has been for me throughout my entire life and most important during my endless spiritual journey and lifelong mission to reach and help others.

It really all begins with meditation. Once you are able to center yourself and align yourself properly with the divine energies around you and settle your thoughts and concentrate, you'll find yourself in a very peaceful meditational zone of spiritual oneness.

I remember one of the very first times I meditated as a child and was dumbstruck by the powerful results. Almost immediately, I could feel more positive energy reach within the very depths of my soul and I recall vividly how the meditations serenaded my Spirit and gave me so much additional energy and an overall state of spiritual well-being, and it still does the same thing today!

When I began utilizing meditation each day, if only for a few minutes, I noticed rather immediate results, and when I began meditating before doing readings, I noticed it helped take my connection to an entirely higher level and my accuracy rate increased substancially and it helped me to connect much stronger and I became more grounded than ever before. I was certainly amazed, to say the least, and I never knew such a simple routine could make one's spiritual journey even more brighter and powerful.

And how much does meditation cost? Not a darn penny. Well, at least not at the moment, but who knows if the government may put a 'spiritual tax' in motion at some point in future. *smiles*

So many of us live very busy lives and often do not have the 30-60 minutes a day to do meditation, but this is where the biggest meditation misconception comes from and why most people try and eventually give up on their meditations, and that misconception is that one must meditate for hours a day to achieve spiritual oneness. This is not true, friends. Simple meditations (even the 5-10 minute ones) are most helpful, and let's face it, who really has an extra hour these days? Especially when a full hour is not needed for proper and successful meditations.

Relax your mind and Spirit before going into a meditation, and try to ask your Guides to help you remove any useless energy that you don't need, this helps to wipe out alot of stress that may have been experienced earlier in the day, and gives you an even better chance of a successful meditation. This is what I call 'Meditate Before You Meditate', clearing and cleansing one's Spirit before going into a meditation helps strengthen your connection to the universe and The Other Side. It helps to remove the veil and can help open your spiritual portal as well.

Here is a favorite meditation exercise of mine that I'd like to share with you:

It's a relaxing exercise you can do either in meditation at home or in real time particularly if you have a sandy beach close by.

For meditating at home: In your meditative Sanctuary of the Mind see yourself sitting on the sand. Imagine you can feel the presence of the water, the blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds. Breathe in slowly and allow the aroma of the beach to fill your lungs. After several breaths, allow your fingers to feel the texture of the sand. Know that this sand has been on the Planet since time immemorial in various shapes.

When you feel comfortable start to build a sandcastle. Imagine you have a child’s small bucket and spade, and work with these. Create a building in whatever shape feels best for you. As you meditate you may well hear voices from your past and memories from another age. Allow yourself to progress with the building. It can be any shape that you desire. Once you have completed it, sit back and survey your project and review the memories that have come up.

Visiting a sandy beach: If you can visit a real sandy beach in real time do exactly the same thing. Spend some time breathing and relaxing. Then become conscious of the place, the beach, the water, the sun and the sky and the air. Next observe your feelings, how you are sitting or kneeling. Note any thoughts that may come up. When you feel comfortable, start building your sandcastle. Feel your fingers touching the sand. Work on the castle and allow it to develop. You may well feel foolish. Observe such feelings without judgment and they will fade away. You may well have someone come by and ask what you are doing. If you feel so inclined, ask them to join you. You may well find your activity triggers the creation of a sandcastle-building club. Discuss with each other how you feel. It can be quite a learning experience.

Meditation is available for all of us to use, and it's worthwhile to take part in it, especially if you are wanting to strengthen your spirituality, abilities and gifts, as well as enjoying a more positive spiritual journey where stress can be eliminated and removed simply by meditation. Meditation isnt for everyone, but it sure has been a livesaver for me! Meditation helps us not sweat the small stuff and gears our focus more towards our priorites!

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Wishing you a wonderful rest of your summer and I hope you enjoy the season of warmer temperatures, immaculate beach weather, and most importantly, spending time with those you love.

Until next time,

Christopher Reburn

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Journey To The Place You're Going

It's been ages since my last full blog, but I had to take some time out to talk about our recent roadtrip and family retreat in New York. With the various things I'm always involved with (readings, courses, missing persons, personal appearances, radio shows, media interviews, etc) I generally have to block out time in my schedule a year or more in advance in order to have a retreat, or as some say, a vacation. I do not consider my retreats to be vacations, as I prefer the term retreat, as the latter gives one time to focus and reflect on the present, while also putting some attention towards the future.

Those of who you faithfully follow me on Twitter and on Facebook got to read some of our exciting roadtrip tweets and updates from our journey to visit our family in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

By now, many of you are noticing that I've been using the words 'we', 'us' and 'our' alot over the last year. When I say those beautiful words, I'm referring to my soulmate and loving partner of nearly four years, Dannii. I do not often talk about my personal life because that aspect of my life is private from my public life and is of no one's business or concern. Some people love to talk and air out their dirty laundry to their neighbors and will talk to anyone about anything given they have an audience, well that is not me, never has been, never will be. However, this is me being more honest and open with all of you who continue to show me your endless love, support and friendship, plus I'm at a great (and very happy) part of my life right now where I do not mind sharing more!

Between the both of our hectic schedules, this was the first time Dannii and I were able to work it out so that we could both go to visit my family in New York together. This meant an awful lot to me on so many precious levels. Though my mother and grandmother had talked to Dannii on the phone numerous times, this would be the first actual 'meeting' they would have together. Naturally, everything went wonderfully, and it was nearly a week of wonderful time spent together in my Grandmother's house with just me, Dannii, my mother and Grandmother. Shiner was also with us for the journey, and I would not have had it any other way. He enjoyed spending some time with Sissy, our family shih-tzu of nearly 12 years. Sissy is having major health crisis and is likely not long for the world, and Shiner could sense that and often became very protective and fatherly of our dear ailing Sissy. That made me so proud of my little man Shiner, he's always there to help all of us out when we need him, and has the unconditional love to back it up!

Mom and I got to spend some great time together, including going to the fresh market about a half hour away where we got some fresh produce for some delicious meals that we all participated in cooking together as a family, and eating together as a family. The family that eats together, stays together, I'm just convinced that's true! Mom and I also went shopping and got lots of great goodies to put in my memory box. Mom and Dannii went shopping and spent a lovely day together. We all had alot of loving and precious time spent together. It was a magical time for all of us, it truly was! It's been no secret that my Mother and I have had a challenging relationship, but her visit to me in October 2010 was very healing and it allowed us to grow much closer than we'd ever been before. Our mother/son relationship is in a much better place now, and this recent visit only added more glow to it. Even though my Mother and I used to disagree almost all the time on almost everything, I still loved her and wished her the best. Now, she is much more supportive and understands me alot more than before, and me her! She's the greatest mother I could ever ask for, and I love her for always!

My Grandmother made us so many lovely things! A cherry cheesecake, a chocolate cake, an Easter cake, strawberry rhubarb, cinnamon rolls, etc EVERYTHING HOMEMADE!! Dannii made us all an awesome roast dinner with roast beef and all the trimmings! Yum! My Grandmother made us scalloped potatoes with ham, homemade pepperoni pizza, corned beef with cabbage and potatoes. Hungry yet? :) The list continues and goes on and on. It was all down home and just right! For that one week, I felt as though I was living inside a Crackel Barrel!! :)

On to my Grandmother. I have some news to share, though it's not the best news, we are all still hopeful. About five weeks ago, my Grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. The news crushed me, but I expected it as she has went down hill alot over the last year. I had hoped things would improve, but they hadn't, so I suggested that my mother communicate more with my Grandmother's doctor to see what the issue was. I had felt it was either dementia or alzheimers, but felt proper medical attention should be called to duty to evaluate it further. While it's anyone's guess how long my Grandmother's mind and brain will continue to function, it's my strongest hope that she'll do all the right things needed in order to help improve this process as much as she can. While some memories she is no longer able to recount, she is 82 years old and it's perfectly alright to me that a few memories have escaped her. It touched my heart repeatedly to hear her recount various stories of my late Grandfather, of which she remembers memories from the first time they met, worrying and wondering if he'd come back from two World Wars alright, their early years and later years. Of all her memories that remain fully intact, I'm glad she has not lost those involving my grandfather and their 62+ year love affair. After my Grandfather's December 25, 2008 passing, my Grandmother has never quite been the same, and my Guides have told me that this most recent visit will likely be one of (if not THEE) last times I'll see her in her element during this lifetime. My Grandfather is waiting to welcome my Grandmother into the beautiful heavenly gates, and I know it's only a matter of time. I knew well in advance just how important this trip would mean to me on a variety of levels and subjects, and that proved to be true exactly as I had felt it would be. For the time that we were there, my Grandmother laughed more than she had in the last few years combined, and it was good to see her laugh and smile, as she had been through so much, yet still has God's loving light and energies that flow through her body and Spirit and out through her eyes. This is also a gift that now shines brightly through my Mother as well.

Dannii and I got to visit the official site of the 1969 music festival, WOODSTOCK, in Bethel, NY. What an amazing place, and the energy was very active there. If you have a chance to visit the site, sit on one of the benches near the Woodstock monument, close your eyes and begin to meditate, and you'll also be transcended back in time! A magical place with a great museum! Check it out!

A special thank you to my dear friend (and longtime family friend of over 50+ years) Rita. It was so good to see her, and I was moved by Spirit to provide her with a valuable message from her late son. Then just minutes later, her son on The Other Side sent her validation via her cell phone!! I love Rita and it was so great to see her again! You are lookin' great, girl!! xxx Also, a big warm hug to my darling Aunt Germaine who dropped by for a quick chat. Despite all of the horrendous tragedies that she has had to face in this lifetime, including numerous family losses and struggles, she remains a body of strength and faith. Her connection with God is of the highest caliber. I love her! My Grandparents have always surrounded themselves with very good people (with an occasional hiccup)and I am proud to come from such a long line of lightworkers, healers, gifted and gracious people.

I dedicate my life work to all of those before me within my family and those in Spirit who have helped set the bar, pave the way and left the light on for me!

With Love & Blessings,


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

83 Years of Miracles: The American Dream Continues

My grandmother turned 83 years young today which really does prove the old 'it's not about age, it's about attitude!' wisetale. In 83 years of life, she has helped to raise and support her own family as well as countless neighborhood kids and their families. Whenever someone is in need in the community, you can bet my Grandmother will rush to their aide, regardless of her own health at that moment in time. She is from a generation when poverty was in it's extremes. Even during her darkest hour, following the loss of her beloved husband of nearly 63 years(and my grandfather), she was quick to handle her own matters on her own time, but remained actively supporting those around her without skipping a beat. She has seen great moments of happiness, deep moments of sadness and miracles that always saved the day.

Regardless of how many years 'young' you are, I bet you've seen a miracle or two along life's often rarely normal journey. Miracles cannot only be defined as those moments when a life is saved (that is just one of many miracles that we are thankful for) but those moments when a home or property is in jeopardy of being foreclosed, or when the repo man may visit, the illness you thought would never be cured, that unsolved crime was finally solved, the examples are truly limitless.

When you think you are facing inevitable despair, you are suddenly awakened to the saving grace around you that you've helped to manifest in addition to those around you of whom pray and sending you positive energies daily. When you think the worst possible scenario will be your final result, something magical happens. Help has arrived, you are getting things together, and you will be fine.

Do you remember the most recent moment(s) when this has applied to you?

If you are like many others, chances are you'll immediately recall a particular situation when this has resulted in your life.

If you cannot think of a particular situation right away, don't be too quick to say no to this experience. Give it some thought and you will find out the answer is absolutely 'yes' and most likely many times over again! Think about it for awhile and chances are you'll remember a time when a very difficult situation took up a considerable amount of your time and energy, while all of the while things looked impossible that they'd ever improve, and then you let go of your own control of the situation, and let God deal with the rest. Voila!

Miracles happen each and every day, and throughout my many years on my spiritual journey of which I devote my life to, I've been very fortunate enough to see thousands of cases of divine intervention and full circle miracles.

Living through difficult periods of life can be a miracle in itself. If you are going through a difficult period of your life which seems neverending, remember that only you have full control of your life, nobody else does. You are fully capable of making your own mature decisions that will positively affect the lives of not only yourself, but those around you whom you care and love.

Allow your own inner miracle to work it's way around your Spirit to see the positive spiritual goals and results you are manifesting!

Happy Birthday Grandma!! xoxoxo

Keep the faith, follow your dreams,