Friday, August 9, 2013

Keeping The Faith During Difficult Times by Christopher Reburn

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Life can be very difficult at times, and some periods of our life can really be a test of faith, patience and endurance. During those times, we must call on the inner strength and courage that God gave us to get one through the more challenging times of our earthbound existence.

Whenever I've went through challenging and difficult moments of life, I've always turned to my spirituality, and have tried to focus on why the experience or lesson was occuring when it was, and grasping what I was supposed to learn from it, and then focusing on healing in the aftermath. During those times, I've turned to my Guides & Angels for additional guidance and support. I've always been very open with my family and close friends during the rough patches, and have received incredible love, support, prayers and healing.

It's important to talk with family and friends during difficult times. Sometimes it can be very hard to communicate with loved ones, especially opening up about personal matters. Choose carefully who you'll communicate with and open up to about situation. It's hard to get through a difficult situation, especially when you have no one to talk about it with, no outlet of any kind. If you find it hard or impossible to open up to your loved ones, please consider the option of spiritual counseling, professional therapy or a good life coach to help you get through that troublesome moment.

Challenging moments in life are almost always temporary, and if it does happen to be a life lesson that one is meant to learn, once proper learning has taken effect, the situation will offer signs of improvement, and healing will begin. Sometimes we have to go through some of the same life lessons over and over again until we finally understand the meaning behind it and effective learning of the situation is mastered.

If you are going through difficult times, know that you are not alone. Your Guides & Angels help you each day. Even if you dont feel the support of loved ones closest to you, understand that your Guides & Angels are constantly working to help you get through your situation as best as they can.

Never underestimate the power of prayer, and don't be afraid to ask for healing if you need it. Visit my prayer and healing center at where you can enter your prayer requests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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