Friday, November 22, 2013


Dear Spiritual Friend,

So many of you have asked that I write a blog about Sylvia Browne, my thoughts and my own interactions with her, of which I’m only but too happy to share. I was saddened by her recent passing & transition, as was her thousands upon thousands of admirers, friends and family. It was a shock to me, as it was to many other lightworkers.

What really made me want to write this blog in reference to Sylvia was all of the disgusting, rude, mean-spirited posts about her in the immediate wake of her transition on her Facebook fan page, her Twitter, the media, etc. Let’s have some proper manners here, and let’s remember that it's improper to disrespect the dead. Like her or not, she did provide a lot of people with help and guidance that was desperately needed. Yes, she had her flaws, too. She was human. You are human. I am human. We are all human!

Sylvia Browne was without a doubt the most famous psychic in the world. Because of this, all the pressure was on her to be 100% right all of the time, and when a prediction didn’t come to pass, it made the evening news and/or was heavily promoted through the media. Friends, it’s impossible for any psychic or medium to be right all of the time in every single reading. Things change, outcomes can change, people can make split-second decisions that change everything in the very opposite direction now making the prediction impossible to manifest, and sometimes, yes, it’s possible the psychic or medium may be off.  I hope that people will remember Sylvia for her hits, not her misses, and also for her knowledge of The Other Side which has helped a lot of people deal with the loss of a loved one. 

Although I have not personally connected with Sylvia on The Other Side (as I dont think it's proper to immediately bombard a Spirit once they've just crossed over), however, I did communicate with my Guides & Angels, and they tell me that Sylvia’s transition was a smooth one, but became very emotional for her when she arrived Home and seen Angels everywhere, and some of her own family members, friends and teachers who’ve passed over the years.

I didn’t write this blog to defend Sylvia Browne, I wrote it with pure intentions, honest observations and my truth, which I realize and respect my not be yours. Everyone is sharing their Sylvia stories (ranging from emotionally positive to utterly repulsive) so I thought I’d add mine to the pool to try to keep the positive energy flowing.  

RIP Sylvia Browne. Love & Blessings to her family, fans and friends throughout the universe.



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  1. Well said, Christopher! It was Sylvia's _Book of Dreams_ that got me started on my spiritual path. I remember reading it and just having one of those "aha" moments. She has helped so many people on this side. She should always be appreciated for the gift of love and acceptance she gave to others. RIP Sylvia, and thanks so much for all you did to help those of us understand the world a little bit better!

    1. Thanks for the great feedback, friend!! Love and hugs xxxx