Monday, January 9, 2012

My New Year Blog

Well, here we are! Another New Year full of endless possibilities & new beginnings with a clear & clean slate to focus on areas in your sprituality you wish to strengthen and gain more insights on. I always enjoy the beginning of a New Year, as it allows me to look back and celebrate the previous year. Even during the more difficult periods of life, it's important to celebrate and remember your strengths, all that you are and all that you do to help make our world a more spiritual place.

2011 was the busiest year for me yet. In connecting with people for readings, courses, healings, missing persons and other appearances, I aided more than 25,000 people in 2011. This makes me feel very proud, and very happy to those of you who look to me for advice and insights. I always do my very best in all angles of my spirituality, whether it be showing someone insights into their life that they themselves couldnt see, to teaching someone about their gifts and then watching that person soar -- these are very special & defining moments in my life, and I worship these moments, and I THANK YOU for being a part of them!!

I expect 2012 to be just as busy if not busier, and that is just fine with me. I've always dedicated my life to my work, and my work ethics will always remain that way. Those of you who REALLY know me, know how serious I take my work and how honored and gracious I am when someone comes to me for a reading or to take one of my courses, or someone who asks for a healing.

Dannii and I had a nice holiday in New York with my family. The trip was a bit of a comedy of errors in a few ways and deeply sad in others, but we had each other throughout it, which made us even stronger. From the car breaking down and us being stranded in North Carolina for three days, to having to put the family pet (Sandy) down, us both having colds, this trip was met with some laughter and some sadness, but we got through it and returned home to see the New Year in. Although the trip was not picture perfect, it was a journey that helped bond us even closer together.

I'm very proud of the couple Dannii and I have become. The first time we met, we knew we'd be together forever. Last New Years, I shared with you, my faithful friends, that Dannii & I were in a relationship. Well, now I've got even better news than that! Dannii and I are engaged! While the engagement is not new news to my close friends and family -- all of whom have known about it for light years now -- I wanted to open up to more of you, who continue to give me strength, to let you in a little deeper into my world. I know so many of you will be so happy for us!!

I've got lots of projects up my sleeve for this year! That includes 2 new courses, my new Past Lives CD, and the ever-challenging book project, and a few things I cant talk about just yet, but you know I'll bring them to you and let you know about everything as soon as it unfolds.

I wish 2012 to be a year of Great Health, Prosperity & Spirituality in your world, in your heart, and through your eyes.


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  1. This is so exciting and some sad moments indeed with the passing of Sandy - However Congratulations to you and Dannii - this makes my heart sing. xxx Silvia R.