Thursday, September 11, 2014

More Information About My New Book, 'Holidays in Heaven'


Hello Spiritual Friend:

I know it's been awhile since I updated my blog. I always set out to do at least one blog update per month, but unfortunately it never seems to turn out that way. It's been a great summer, though one of the very hottest summers in recent years. I'm looking forward to the cool, fall and winter temperatures that will soon be upon us. Let's not even mention the holidays; they'll be here before we know it. I feel like the last several months have all been holidays while I was putting my new book together.

What an amazing week it's been! My first-ever book Holidays in Heaven was released. While I was initially unsure how it would go, Dannii kept telling me 'Believe, just believe'. And I did believe, but being the 'non-online' person I am, I was still unsure. You see, I dont own a Kindle, I dont own a Tablet, and my laptop is about 10 years old. Whenever I want a new book, I'll usually order it online and it will arrive at my front door within a week and that's that. I've actually never even ordered a Kindle book before, so I wasn't sure how my first Kindle book would go, and if that many people would be interested in it to begin with.

Well, friends -- was I ever wrong! In its first week of release, Holidays in Heaven sold over 2,000 copies. I had hoped maybe a few hundred, but a couple thousand? I was both shocked and amazed, but most of all, very blessed. Oh, and did I mention that my book debuted in the Top 20 of all Amazon Kindle books? After months and months of hard work, I think I deserve at least 5 full seconds of bragging rights :-)

I have my reasons why I decided to have my book on Kindle. Since my life is an open book, I have no issue sharing with you the precise reasons why. I was approached by two publishers -- including one major publisher whose name you'd recognize. I met with both publishers and listened to what they had to say. I was turned off almost immediately when they both spoke of how 'we could sell a million copies and turn you into a star...just like (name withheld)!' They kept mentioning a particular psychic who is currently having their moment of fame and spotlight. Again and again they would mention this person's name, and how 'you can be just like (that person)'. Early on I knew that these publishers didn't care about me, but instead they where more interested in selling a million copies and turning me into someone who I was not born to be. Nothing they said remotely connected with me, who I am or the spiritual journey that I lead. It would seem that I am part of a now rare breed of lightworkers who do not crave fame or fortune for helping others. I turned away a decent advance and declined both publishers. I was told by a few people that this was a bad decision on my part, but I didn't care. I know who I am, and I know who I am not, and I'm not changing who I am just because of what other people think or say, or by someone throwing a chunk of money in my face. I'm proud of my decision to produce my books organically without the controlling force of a publisher or cutting down trees, and I stand behind it 150%. I know I made the right decision. I don't think I really need a publisher, as I don't care about selling a million copies of my books. If only one person reads my book and it helps them -- that is what I call SUCCESS!!

There were a couple of people disappointed that my book is not a hardcover or paperback book, and we expected that. Like with any thing in life, there will always be the disappointed. But those couple of people, like myself, will need to bounce with the times and understand that 80% of people no longer go to bookstores to buy actual books, and instead it's really an online marketplace for books these days, and Kindle books are, have been and will continue to be where most of the world goes to get their books. Why cut down trees or use other resources when most people spend a good portion of their time on their Smartphone, tablet, Kindle or computer. I'm proud of my decision to 'go green' and go Kindle, and I don't regret the decision one iota.

There have been a few questions regarding how you can read my book. Well, friends anybody can read my book—even without a Kindle device—with the 
FREE Kindle app for Smartphone's, tablets and computers. That's right! You can also read my book on your Smartphone, Tablet or your computer! :-) Go to this link to learn more!

This book would have never been released if it hadn't been for my husband and soulmate Dannii, who has never stopped believing in me every step of the journey. He worked many, many hours in helping me get the book just about perfect. He also gave me the confidence to start writing again. It's because of his constant persistence and his endearing confidence in me as a professional author that I released the book. If it weren't for Dannii, Holidays in Heaven would not have been released.  

I wrote the book based on my own experience of losing my Grandfather during the 2008 holiday season on Christmas morning. Losing a loved one at any time of the year is difficult, so I really wanted to put out a book that dealt with loss, grief and the ultimate celebration of life, and what our loved ones do on The Other Side during the holidays and other festive times of the year, how they communicate with us, the signs they send, and how they celebrate the traditional holiday season. I even include a healing meditation for you to try, as well as an exercise that can teach you how to connect with loved ones on The Other Side. The book was a labor of love from the very beginning, and I felt my beloved Grandfather's energies within me and around me at all stages of writing the book. I know he's proud of me for taking an extra leap of faith and writing this book in his honor, and in his memory.

The reviews have been truly humbling and positive: 'Love heals all', 'Beautiful work', 'The Best Gift for the Holidays', 'Beautiful Experience', 'Five Stars', 'Loving, Calming, Assuring' are just some of the awesome words that those who have read the book have reviewed it and described it as. I'm truly delighted that the book has created such a strong buzz within the spiritual community, and for the wonderful support and feedback I've received.

I hope you'll get a copy of my Holidays in Heaven book and let me know what you think as well. I'm really proud of this book, and I look forward and am quite excited about some future books I'm already working on, including a book about soulmates as well as a book about past lives.

Get a copy of my Holidays in Heaven book today for $2.99 at this link

Special thanks to my clients, friends, family and loved ones who always have faith in me and continue to send me strength, prayers and love each day as I send back to each of you.

With Love, Peace, Gratitude & Forever Thanks,


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