Wednesday, March 9, 2011

83 Years of Miracles: The American Dream Continues

My grandmother turned 83 years young today which really does prove the old 'it's not about age, it's about attitude!' wisetale. In 83 years of life, she has helped to raise and support her own family as well as countless neighborhood kids and their families. Whenever someone is in need in the community, you can bet my Grandmother will rush to their aide, regardless of her own health at that moment in time. She is from a generation when poverty was in it's extremes. Even during her darkest hour, following the loss of her beloved husband of nearly 63 years(and my grandfather), she was quick to handle her own matters on her own time, but remained actively supporting those around her without skipping a beat. She has seen great moments of happiness, deep moments of sadness and miracles that always saved the day.

Regardless of how many years 'young' you are, I bet you've seen a miracle or two along life's often rarely normal journey. Miracles cannot only be defined as those moments when a life is saved (that is just one of many miracles that we are thankful for) but those moments when a home or property is in jeopardy of being foreclosed, or when the repo man may visit, the illness you thought would never be cured, that unsolved crime was finally solved, the examples are truly limitless.

When you think you are facing inevitable despair, you are suddenly awakened to the saving grace around you that you've helped to manifest in addition to those around you of whom pray and sending you positive energies daily. When you think the worst possible scenario will be your final result, something magical happens. Help has arrived, you are getting things together, and you will be fine.

Do you remember the most recent moment(s) when this has applied to you?

If you are like many others, chances are you'll immediately recall a particular situation when this has resulted in your life.

If you cannot think of a particular situation right away, don't be too quick to say no to this experience. Give it some thought and you will find out the answer is absolutely 'yes' and most likely many times over again! Think about it for awhile and chances are you'll remember a time when a very difficult situation took up a considerable amount of your time and energy, while all of the while things looked impossible that they'd ever improve, and then you let go of your own control of the situation, and let God deal with the rest. Voila!

Miracles happen each and every day, and throughout my many years on my spiritual journey of which I devote my life to, I've been very fortunate enough to see thousands of cases of divine intervention and full circle miracles.

Living through difficult periods of life can be a miracle in itself. If you are going through a difficult period of your life which seems neverending, remember that only you have full control of your life, nobody else does. You are fully capable of making your own mature decisions that will positively affect the lives of not only yourself, but those around you whom you care and love.

Allow your own inner miracle to work it's way around your Spirit to see the positive spiritual goals and results you are manifesting!

Happy Birthday Grandma!! xoxoxo

Keep the faith, follow your dreams,



  1. A blessed example of a fantastic loving soul! :)