Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Rid Of The Weeds In Your Spiritual Garden by Christopher Reburn

It's healthy for all of us to take routine inventory of our lives every so often. This is also a great approach to figuring out which areas in your life may need some improvement, further work and study, and plain things that are just not working for you any longer, and also key figures and people in your life which may not be in the healthiest of company, and those who may be taking way too much of your energy from you.

We begun to plant our spiritual garden in this lifetime long before we ever took our first breath of life on this earthly plane, and each and everyday we continue to water and tend to our garden. Within our spiritual garden are all things possible including our current goals, and all the nutrients we'll need to continue our journey. Every once in awhile, some weeds will begin to grow in our garden which can bring chaos to the other levels of development and growth within our divine center, and that's when we need to take full inventory of our garden, which important nutrients to keep, and which to remove once and for all!

Such is the case with all things in a reality sense. The truth is, there are always going to be people that come in and out of our lives for any number of reasons, as not everyone we meet is destined to be a part of our destiny, and occasionally we need to take inventory and put on our gardening gloves and pull some weeds!

When you can clear through and get rid of all the weeds in your spiritual garden, you'll notice that your garden will flourish to all new heights and a higher state and sense of awareness, both spiritually and intuitively. It's also a great personal accomplishment when you are able to get rid of things in your life which no longer hold an active meaning or purpose within it.

Be confident in who you are, and know that everyone makes mistakes, it's part of learning, living and loving. While you continue to allow your spiritual garden to grow and be nourished daily, take inventory of all things you want to remain in your garden, and get rid of the rest. START PULLING THOSE WEEDS!!!!

Blessings of friendship and love to you always,

Christopher Reburn

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