Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bullying is Unacceptable by Christopher Reburn

Hello Friend,

It's so sad to me when I hear that someone has been bullied, whether it be a personal friend of mine, a family member, a client, or a complete stranger on the street.

Most bullies are very weak, and they have to seek out their prey for their own power and 'survival'. Bullying at any rate is unacceptable, and I really hope that there will be stronger laws in place worldwide in future to protect everyone against being bullied.

It doesnt matter if someone is black, white, gay, straight, thin, pleasantly plump or whatever. We should appreciate and celebrate our differences, they are what make us unique. Instead, some weak souls out there feel it's their destiny in life to reek havoc on others, causing such deep emotional scars that can often be permanent that can lead to suicide.

Friends, bullying and being bullied is very serious. This is why as adults and parents, we must be properly educated on the bullying that can happen in person, as well as cyberbullying within social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) that is done online, and everyone knows that once something is posted online, online generally means forever.

I remember growing up and 'beepers/pagers' were the 'in' thing, and then came along cell phones. I remember that my mother, as well as the parents of most of the kids I went to school with, said that we were not allowed a cell phone until we were 16. Just yesterday while breezing through the park with Shiner, what do I see? An 8 year old playing and texting with a smartphone.....unattended!! What is wrong with this picture? Doesnt this kid's parents know about online predators? Why have things changed so much in the last couple decades? These smartphones can take pictures of people (without their permission) in embarassing situations and then online they go! This all needs to stop, and I know that so many of you out there support my view on this as well. We need to keep educating EVERYONE the dangers of smartphones/camera phones, especially with predators and bullies out there just waiting for their next piece of prey.

Friends, please join me in urging our congressmen and President Obama to put forth new rules and regulations, and some proper laws in place to prevent bullying. While this may not prevent every single case, each one that it does prevent, is a blessing.

If you have been bullied, there are resources out there that can help you. Visit http://www.stopbullying.gov for a complete listing of resources available and ways to handle, deal with and talk about your situation and concerns.

If you've been bullied, and you are feeling hopeless and have thoughts of suicide, please IMMEDIATELY call 911, or contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Site exit disclaimer online or at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Thank you to my friend Trish Bishop (bestselling author of The Question Journey) for joining me again today for our 2nd -- in what promises to be an ongoing series of shows on this topic -- show on this very important topic. If you missed the show, please listen to the archive link here

Thanks for listening to my radio show and checking out my blog. I hope that it helps you in some way, that's why I do them.

Sending lots of Peace, Love & Blessings your way,

Christopher Reburn

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crossing Over: Life on The Other Side

Hello Spiritual Friend,
A personal thank you to those who were able to listen to my radio show today on 'Conversations with Christopher' all about what we do when we cross over, and resuming life on The Other Side. If you missed the show, click here to listen to the archive.

I remember when a client came in for a reading a few years ago shortly after her husband passed away. When she came in, she appeared nervous immediately. She said she wanted to try to connect with her husband. I gave her a warm hug and within a few minutes we began the session.

'He knew you were coming to see me today, he says he already made you a promise to come through today' I said. She began to cry and shared with me that she prayed so hard in the days ahead of the reading that he would come through, and she had a dream two days prior to the reading, and in the dream he said 'I promise'.

'He says that every time he went to church he would learn of Heaven, but never really understood or beleived that there is an afterlife.' I said, and she nodded. 'I think he was a bit of a skeptic' I remember saying to her. She agreed with a smile. 'He says that he never beleived in an afterlife but here he is, and it surely is real'. I continued. 'He wants you to be very careful with your heart and to do better with your diet'. She lit up and smiled and said he was always after her to eat better as she'd already had one heart attack three years previously.

The part of this rather long-winded experience, was that the man in whom we connected with that day, the client's husband on The Other Side, didn't really beleive in Heaven or the Afterlife. It took him actually seeing, feeling and experiencing it firsthand as a Spirit once he crossed over to fully understand it, and now he's believer!

I wish more people would learn this and appreciate this before they cross over, as it makes the entire process alot more bearable to think about -- just knowing that an afterlife with our loved ones and pets ready to welcome us Home when it's our time to fly with the Angels truly exists.

As I mentioned on the show today, alot of the spiritual work we come here to do on this earthly plane is a dress rehearsal for the caliber of work we'll do with Spirit once we cross over. This is why it's important to pay attention, and if you have questions, ask them, there are no stupid questions. We are all still learning and developing each day. This is truly a wonderful time in our history to be learning more about your spirituality with so many references available (books, courses, spiritual teachers, conventions, CD's, etc) to review and refresh yourself with.

If you've recently lost a loved one, take your time with the grief process. Everyone works differently with that. For one person, they make get through it effortlessly, while another person may take several months or years to full grasp and accept the loss. They do come to visit us often and are never that far away from us. While we lose the 'human' side of them, we regain the 'spiritual' side of them, and though that still doesnt make it any easier, it's nice to know that they are around us and that they do come to visit us frequently. 

Put out a picture of your loved one, on display, light a candle, go into a meditation and ask your loved one if they have any messages for you. Be really quiet and listen very carefully to what you hear. Sometimes keeping your eyes closed is a good benefit to eliminate any outside distractions. If it doesnt work the first time, keep trying. Remember, Spirits cannot always drop what they are doing for us, they have their own work on The Other Side to tend to.

I hope you enjoy my 'after-show' blog posts! Please be sure to post your comments, stories and experiences on this topic! I would love to read them!

Sending lots of Love, Blessings & Good Energy your way, friend!!


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ways in Preventing Spiritual Burnout from Christopher Reburn

I remember it very well. It was right after the summer of 2008 and I was getting really tired. At that time, I was offering readings both via my website and on eBay. So much work was piling in and my schedule was getting entirely out of control, and I didnt know what to do. I didnt want to change anything because my dedicated followers seemed happy and I didnt really want to change that course.

However, I knew I had to do something. I was getting way too tired, beyond the point of exhaustion, yet still carrying a smile on my face and doing the workload of 20 people. I never once complained, but I knew something had to change. I was still doing great work with my readings, healings, courses and some case work, but I was becoming alienated with the outside world.

Friends used to call to ask if I wanted to go to a movie or concert or just a simple bite to eat, but each time I'd always tell them no, that I was too busy with work and needed to devote all of my time to my work. I suppose I am a workaholic. Duty first, second second.

I decided that I needed to make some serious changes before things got worse. I was still being positive and was not being negative, but I felt that my life was taking me over and the schedule began dictating everything I would ever do. The pressure was on, and boy did I feel it. It was a horrible feeling and I knew that time had come and went when I should have made some changes, so the time was then upon me to make some changes.

I did just that -- and more!

I decided that I would no longer be on the phone late at night into the early morning hours as I'd done for years, in providing readings, healings, spiritual counseling, my courses and so on at various parts of the world. I decided that I would have a more limited evening schedule, perhaps up to 7pm or 8pm and that would be it. No more talking on the phone all over the world to the wee hours of the morning.

I also decided that eBay was becoming too much extra work. While I loved offering readings on eBay, I decided that it was time to go in a new direction. Therefore, I no longer offered readings for sale on eBay, and focused all of my time and energy on my own website. This was a blessing in disguise for me. I was really scared to make this decision, though all along Dannii was there rooting me on, saying 'you fear the greatest changes, but just wait and you'll see that this is a positive thing'. He sure was right and it was really beneficial that I had his support in this change as I didnt want to go it alone.

Then I decided I would no longer work holidays or weekends. What? Weekends off? That was totally foreign to me, as I'd become used to working weekends, holidays, my birthday, etc. It was just too out of control and this change needed to be addressed and put into motion, and so it was.

I was close to being spiritually burnt out, so I knew I had to make some changes, and I did. Now nearly five years after these changes, I feel better, happier and healthier. My sleep has become a little better, though still at times challenging. I'm spending more time with friends, and accepting more invitations for outtings, opposed to immediately rejecting them as I did in previous times.

I'm sharing more of my personal experience to help you so that you do not get spiritually burnt out. It's a horrible feeling that can be prevented if you just make some changes in your life and your schedule.

Looking back (because sometimes it is healthy to do so) I should have made these change years before I did, but I know that most everything happens when it should.

I want to send a big thank you out to all of my friends and supporters who've been with me since the very beginning, and those who have just recently found out about me. Thank you for welcoming into your life and spiritual journey.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on a very important topic that concerns all lightworkers.

If you missed my recent show on Preventing Spiritual Burnout, here's the link to the archive http://t.co/KiwDP8q6s0

With Love & Blessings,

Christopher Reburn