Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ways in Preventing Spiritual Burnout from Christopher Reburn

I remember it very well. It was right after the summer of 2008 and I was getting really tired. At that time, I was offering readings both via my website and on eBay. So much work was piling in and my schedule was getting entirely out of control, and I didnt know what to do. I didnt want to change anything because my dedicated followers seemed happy and I didnt really want to change that course.

However, I knew I had to do something. I was getting way too tired, beyond the point of exhaustion, yet still carrying a smile on my face and doing the workload of 20 people. I never once complained, but I knew something had to change. I was still doing great work with my readings, healings, courses and some case work, but I was becoming alienated with the outside world.

Friends used to call to ask if I wanted to go to a movie or concert or just a simple bite to eat, but each time I'd always tell them no, that I was too busy with work and needed to devote all of my time to my work. I suppose I am a workaholic. Duty first, second second.

I decided that I needed to make some serious changes before things got worse. I was still being positive and was not being negative, but I felt that my life was taking me over and the schedule began dictating everything I would ever do. The pressure was on, and boy did I feel it. It was a horrible feeling and I knew that time had come and went when I should have made some changes, so the time was then upon me to make some changes.

I did just that -- and more!

I decided that I would no longer be on the phone late at night into the early morning hours as I'd done for years, in providing readings, healings, spiritual counseling, my courses and so on at various parts of the world. I decided that I would have a more limited evening schedule, perhaps up to 7pm or 8pm and that would be it. No more talking on the phone all over the world to the wee hours of the morning.

I also decided that eBay was becoming too much extra work. While I loved offering readings on eBay, I decided that it was time to go in a new direction. Therefore, I no longer offered readings for sale on eBay, and focused all of my time and energy on my own website. This was a blessing in disguise for me. I was really scared to make this decision, though all along Dannii was there rooting me on, saying 'you fear the greatest changes, but just wait and you'll see that this is a positive thing'. He sure was right and it was really beneficial that I had his support in this change as I didnt want to go it alone.

Then I decided I would no longer work holidays or weekends. What? Weekends off? That was totally foreign to me, as I'd become used to working weekends, holidays, my birthday, etc. It was just too out of control and this change needed to be addressed and put into motion, and so it was.

I was close to being spiritually burnt out, so I knew I had to make some changes, and I did. Now nearly five years after these changes, I feel better, happier and healthier. My sleep has become a little better, though still at times challenging. I'm spending more time with friends, and accepting more invitations for outtings, opposed to immediately rejecting them as I did in previous times.

I'm sharing more of my personal experience to help you so that you do not get spiritually burnt out. It's a horrible feeling that can be prevented if you just make some changes in your life and your schedule.

Looking back (because sometimes it is healthy to do so) I should have made these change years before I did, but I know that most everything happens when it should.

I want to send a big thank you out to all of my friends and supporters who've been with me since the very beginning, and those who have just recently found out about me. Thank you for welcoming into your life and spiritual journey.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on a very important topic that concerns all lightworkers.

If you missed my recent show on Preventing Spiritual Burnout, here's the link to the archive http://t.co/KiwDP8q6s0

With Love & Blessings,

Christopher Reburn

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