Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love Ever After ~ My Sacred Journey with Dannii

August 2012 is a very special month for me in one very specific regard, it was five years ago this month that someone wandered into my life and showered me with love, acceptance, security, laughter, strength and so much more. That kindred soul remains by my side, walking and experiencing this life's journey with me every step of the way.

The person I'm speaking of is my one and only soulmate, my wonderful Dannii, who I love with every beat of my heart.

I've always kept details of my personal and private life relatively quiet for years, because I value my personal and private time. It's very sacred to me. Being a professional spiritual advisor and teacher in the public eye, there is very little privacy and once you have something so sacred and wonderful, you want to hold on to it and enjoy it for awhile, before the rest of the world finds out.

I finally feel that the time has come to share my happiness with so many of you, all of whom have always sent me well wishes, love, strength, healing and are genuinely interested in me beyond the scope of a reading. So many of you out there are constantly rooting me on and are my own personal cheering squad, who are always sending me positive energies and blessings for happiness and prosperity.

I have now reached a very special part of my life where I have never been happier and more secure with who I am and who I will always be. Dannii has played such a large role in my life these past five years, and he has helped me to see things from many different angles and is always involved in everything I do, I would not have it any other way.

On our very first Christmas together, we received the sad news that my Grandfather passed away. Had Dannii not been with me on this particular day, I would have spent it alone and in a terrible emotional state of sadness and grief. He immediately rose to the occasion and showed me his own strength and courage while juggling my own emotions and trying to keep me strong as well. I have never before seen a man with any greater strength than my Dannii. Despite the sadness of the day, he made sure we had a nice Christmas with a great dinner and intimate conversations and times together speaking of my Grandfather and precious memories of the past. I knew then that I would be in good hands with Dannii, and my Guides & Angels were in immediate agreement from the very beginning. I love him so much that I'd easily give my own life for his.

I'll never forget the first time Shiner saw Dannii. Shiner is typically very reserved and fully on guard until he really knows a person, but he was the exact opposite with Dannii. The first time they met, Shiner ran up to him to give him quite a few kisses and tail wags, almost as if to say 'Thank God you're finally here!!'.

Dannii has helped me to learn more about my spirituality and to see many things from different perspectives that I might not have ever fully understood or known, but with his gentle help and reminders, he's helped me put together quite a few spiritual projects and goals for the present and future. I like to call him 'The Brains Behind Christopher Reburn' *smiles*

Five years later, and countless adventures along the way, that without them, a relationship never builds the proper strength and a secure & sturdy foundation to last a lifetime, I couldnt be happier and I wanted to share my happiness with all of you who have always looked out for me, supported me and befriended me, as Dannii and I continue this life's journey together in perfect harmony.

It brings me great pleasure to share with you a deeper glimpse into my sacred and personal life and journey. This is by far the most personal and meaningful blog that I've ever written, and I look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on.

Thank you for always sending positive energy my way, and I'm in gratitude for the love, support and friendship you all have shown me for years.

With Peace, Love & Blessings,

Christopher Reburn
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